Being An Au Pair Also Means Going Through Hell Sometimes…

In this post you can read about horror scenarios and horror host families. I can define myself as lucky because I had 2 wonderful, amazing years with mine and you will hear about them in my next blogs. To all of you out there who live in bad host families – read about the stories of Au Pairs I met during my years and hopefully you feel better after or leave comments with your stories.


  • Au Pair comes home from the grocery store and notices a typed letter on her bed. She starts reading it and could not believe her eyes. In big capital letters it said “Instructions in how to make the beds”. The father of the family seriously typed her a letter of how to make the beds of her 16- and 14-year old host children in 5 easy steps.  -Not that she never made their beds… The father just wanted her to make them perfect.

Really sad that some host families communicate with letters instead of just talking to the Au Pair. To make such a big deal about making the beds of teenagers? In my opinion they should start making their beds by themselves.

  • The 16 year old teenager got sick so the mom asks the Au Pair to work the whole day, even that it is her day off and she is a only supposed to work 8h a day. The Au Pair is willing to cancel all her plans to take care of the poor and sick 16 year old. In the evening the mom comes home from work and blamed the  Au Pair that her 16year old son didn’t drink enough water.

If a 16 year old boy/girl is not able to drink water by him-/herself I would honestly start to get worried.

  • It is a Saturday morning and it is raining cats and dogs in Chelsea, NYC. The Au Pair is supposed to have her day off and suddenly the host mom knocks on her door. She sends the Au Pair to walk in the rain to the store to get her milk for her coffee.

It is really crazy how some people act. If you are ever in a position like that stand up for yourself and don’t let them treat you like their personal assistant!

  • The rich and wealthy host family is throwing a party in their loft. The Au Pair is chef, waitress and cleaning woman for tonight!

It is your job to take care of kids, not the host parents and neither their guests!

  • The Au Pair is sitting in her room. Her phone is ringing. Another email from the mom who is sitting in the room next door. The email is about complaints that she didn’t clean the dust today from all the picture frames, cabinets and other furniture items. Right after she writes about other tasks for her. One of them is to organize the kids’ wardrobes. She needs to sort the clothes by colors and fabric.

Please don’t be afraid to go to your supervisor and ask for help. Even if you go into rematch, there are so many awesome families out there waiting for Au Pairs. This is supposed to be the year of your life not a fight for survival!


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