Stepping Out Of The Bubble

For all the travel lovers out there and those who need the support and encouragement to take the first step!

Leaving family, friends and your home behind is always hard. It is not easy to make the first step but trust me you can learn so much out there and you won’t regret it! Your family and friends are not going anywhere and you won’t miss out on anything!



After I graduated High School I packed my stuff and went to the US. I planned to stay for one year. It wasn’t an easy decision at all because a whole year sounds like quite a long time but sooner or later I figured out that one year is nothing of your whole life.

It went by so fast! I got to travel to 18 States and I met people from all around the world. This year meant everything to me and I don’t regret one second of it. I actually even extended my visit and decided to stay for another year.



Don’t get me wrong! It is not always that easy, fun and beautiful. There are hard times too! The important thing is to fight these hard days and to not give up! I’m really happy that my mom always supported me and talked into me on FaceTime for hours or just listened to my thoughts, worries and moods.  These days/ weeks don’t hold on for long, that’s what you need to be aware of. Keep yourself busy and try to be around people or friends you made during your travel.

What you learn about cultures, people, destinations and especially about yourself can no-one take away from you and that is more valuable than anything else. You get so much more independent and you start to notice the little things that are important.

Never forget that home is just a flight away and that it is always waiting for you!



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